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Love Knows No Boundaries

If You Speak It From Your Heart

You Will Get It Right Every Time

Celebrate Your Love

Marriage is a union of two people founded upon mutual respect and affection. Your lives will change, your responsibilities will increase,   but your joy will be multiplied if you are sincere and earnest            with your pledge to one another.

Your wedding vows are sacred to you as a couple, speak your vows from your heart, say what you want to say to your partner and your vows will be remember and cherished for all the days to come.


The Vow Keeper offers over one hundred custom designed wedding ceremonies, traditional, religious, Native American, non-religious and contemporary. The Vow Keeper is honored to personally compose your wedding vows to best represent and reflect you as a couple, making your wedding memories a treasure, to forever cherish.


The Vow Keeper Offers Additional Wedding Ceremony Elements

  • The Loving Cup

  • Handfasting Ceremony

  • Unity Candle Ceremony

  • Blending Of Sands

  • Seven Directions Smudge

  • Bowl Of Blessings

  • Couple's Wedding Stories

  • Scriptures, Prayers

  • Benedictions

  • Doves, Butterflies And Bubbles

  • Irish, Scottish, Celtic Traditions

  • Rose Exchange Ceremony

  • Family Flower

  • Family Sand Ceremony

  • Jewish Traditions

  • Chuppah Ceremony

  • Breaking Of The Glass

  • Partner For Life Vow

  • Unity Cross

  • Buddhist Ceremony

  • Buddhist Traditions

  • Love Letter And Wine Box

  • Covenant Of Salt

  • Blessing Of The Rings

  • Remembrance Of Loved Ones

  • Ringing Of The Bells

  • Jumping The Broom

  • The Lasso Ceremony

  • Special Vows To Children

  • Words To Parents

  • Renewal Of Wedding Vows

  • Ring Warming

  • Blessing Of The Marriage

  • Giving Of The Hands

  • Chalice Of Wine

  • Giving Away The Bride

  • Mother's Rose Ceremony

  • Washing Of The Hands

  • Native American Smudge

  • Unity Coin Ceremony

  • Wedding Vase

  • Irish Make-Up Bell

  • Flower And Herb Ceremony

  • Native American Blessings, Prayers And Poems


The Vow Keeper has over

200 ceremonies to select from.


Together we will create a meaningful ceremony that best

represents and reflects you

as a couple.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide any of the additional equipment for these ceremony add-ons, but we will gladly tell you what you need and where to find them.  So remember if you add any of these ceremony extras please have all the equipment required at your ceremony.


If your wedding venue is located outside of The Vow Keeper's service area, The Vow Keeper offers an a la carte service for couples desiring a personalized wedding ceremony, that best reflects and represents you as a couple, telling your love story and sharing your heartfelt thoughts. The Vow Keeper will compose your perfect wedding ceremony to compliment your beautiful wedding day.

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