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About The Photographer


Love Is....

A Many Splendored Thing

You Are Blessed To Have Found Each Other,

The Joining Of Two Lives And Two Souls,

Brings New Possibilities, New Hopes

And New Dreams.....Embrace It,

Nurture It And Love It.

For All The Years To Come,

Celebrate Life With All That You Have,

And Treasure Your Journey Together.

Over 35 years ago, my husband and I met and fell in love. Our relationship was a match made in heaven. We had so many interests in common…welding, glass blowing, salvaging and scrap yards, painting, food, history, art, architecture, gardening, photography, hiking, camping, fishing….well, I just could not believe that I had met someone who was so much like myself.


We were honest, trusting, understanding and respectful of each other and this is what we built our love for each other on….this shared foundation and common ground is our strength that continues to keep us together. They say a True Love Story Never Ends !!! and it is exciting to know that with each new day and each new experience, that life and love can always be thrilling and exciting, no matter how old or how young you are.


We love every minute of it…. capturing couples special moments and telling their story on their wedding day. Every wedding is different, unique, exciting, unpredictable and we never know what to expect next. This is why we enjoy telling your story, your special moment in time, your memories, your wedding day to be treasured and shared and remembered forever.


We have been capturing moments in time for as long as I can remember and it is our philosophy that you can never have enough photos. We are professionals, we capture moments with an artful eye, and we capture trifle moments that others might discard and not give much thought too…..we are very generous with our time…..we don’t hold back….and we give you everything that we shoot. If it is important to you, then it is very important to us.


We would be honored if you allowed us to capture your treasured moment in time and make memories of a day you will forever cherish.


Warmest Wedding Wishes,


The Vow Keeper


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