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Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Examples


Your Wedding Vows Are Sacred To You As A Couple


The Vow Keeper's goal is for each couple to have the most perfect wedding ceremony.

A meaningful wedding ceremony that best represents and reflects you as a couple.


The Vow Keeper has over 200 custom written wedding ceremonies to select from.

Traditional, religious, Native American, Contemporary, Earth Based, Secular.

All wedding ceremonies are fully customizable.


Please Read The Following Nine Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Script Examples


And Always Remember...


It is your wedding day, and your commitment to each other,

say it your way, make it special, speak it from your heart,

and your wedding vows will be cherished and remembered long after you say " I DO "


Love knows no boundaries, If you speak it from your heart,

you will get it right every time, so Let's Celebrate Your Love


Warmest Wedding Wishes, The Vow Keeper


Love Is For Everyone

Love Knows No Boundaries

If You Speak It

From Your Heart

You Will Get It Right


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Ceremony 1

Celebration Of Love


Ceremony 2

Two Lives, Two People

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

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Ceremony 3



Ceremony 4

Theses Are The Hands....

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Ceremony 5

Short And Sweet "I Choose You"


Ceremony 6

Short And Sweet "I LOVE You

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The Native American Ceremony is very sacred and special.

The smudging, the cleansing and the Blessing of the Seven Directions are all magical.

Ceremony 7

Smudge Ceremony, Great Spirit Blessing, Mother Hawk, Coyote, Mother Bear, White Buffalo, Mother Earth And Father Sky

Ceremony 8

Smudge Ceremony, Wedding Lasso,

Seven Directions Blessing

Ceremony 8A

Wedding Blanket Ceremony, Smudge Ceremony, Seven Directions Blessing, Wedding Vase


The Earth Based Crystal Ceremony is very sacred and deeply soul searching.

Ceremony 9

Ceremony Of Crystals, Earth Blessings, Sage And Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudge, Cleansing,

Calling Of The Seven Directions, Remembrance Of Loved One's Spirits

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original (7).jfif

The Vow Keeper Offers Additional Wedding Ceremony Elements


Ceremonies And Traditions to consider to add into your wedding ceremony.

  • Giving Away The Bride

  • Mother's Rose Ceremony

  • Blessing Of The Rings

  • Washing Of The Hands

  • Native American Smudge

  • Breaking Of The Glass

  • Chuppah Ceremony

  • HandFasting Ceremony

  • Blending Of Sands

  • Covenant Of Salt

  • Unity Coin Ceremony

  • Wedding Vase

  • Irish Make-Up Bell

  • Partner For Life Vow

  • Unity Cross

  • Buddhist Ceremony

  • Love Letter And Wine Box Ceremony

  • Flower And Herb Ceremony

  • The Loving Cup

  • Seven Directions Smudge

  • Buddhist Traditions

  • Special Vows To Children

  • Words To Parents

  • Ring Warming

  • Blessing Of The Marriage

  • Giving Of The Hands

  • Unity Candle

  • Ring Warming

  • Lasso Ceremony

  • Chalice Of Wine

  • Doves, Butterflies And Bubbles

  • Irish, Scottish, Celtic Traditions

  • Rose Exchange Ceremony

  • Family Flower

  • Family Sand

  • Unity Candle Ceremony

  • Bowl Of Blessings

  • Native American Blessings, Prayers, Poems

  • Scripture Readings

  • Remembrance Of Loved Ones

  • Jumping The Broom

  • Jewish Traditions

  • Couple's Wedding Stories

  • Benedictions

  • Ringing Of The Bells

  • Renewal Of Wedding Vows

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