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The Vow Keeper

Is Available

7 Days A Week

From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

I Marry Couples

24 Hours A Day

7 Days A Week

We Look Forward To

Hearing From You

Contact The Vow Keeper At

(760) 399-6789


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Please RSVP And Request

The Pleasure Of

The Vow Keeper's Services

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Thank you for contacting The Vow Keeper, we look forward to assisting you with all your ceremony dreams

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The Angel Of Marriage



guide and protect you on your journey through life, May you live in peace and harmony, May your love bind you closer, May you be loyal, pure and sincere, May you be gentle and forgiving, understanding and compassionate,

May you always remember your wedding day and hold your vows sacred unto thee.


Warmest Wedding Wishes,


The Vow Keeper

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Love Is
For Everyone

Love Knows

No Boundaries

If You Speak It From Your

Heart, You Will Get It

Right Every Time

Celebrate LOVE

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Couple's Choice

Wedding Wire Winner


For Excellence In

Wedding Officiant

Wedding Photography

Wedding & Event Planning


Winner For 8 Years

2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

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Handcrafted Heartfelt Heavenly

Weddings, Elopements And Wedding Vow Renewals

2023 Dates Available

Welcoming Reservations Through 2025

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The Vow Keeper Celebrates Your LOVE

Honoring All Faiths, Beliefs And Traditions


Love Is....  A Many Splendored Thing

You are blessed to have found each other, the joining of two lives and two souls brings new possibilities, new hopes and new dreams.... Embrace it, nurture it and Love it.  For all the years to come, celebrate life with all that you have, and treasure your journey together.

T​wo Special Lives Are Intertwined Forever...

Two souls, Two caring hearts become as one, Two hands are joined, Two promises are spoken, And The Journey Of A Lifetime Has Begun.

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Deep abiding affection, the magical and compelling shared impulse that makes us seek each other’s company, is amongst the greatest gifts of the human experience.  No Matter Your Age, the BEAUTY OF LOVE is sharing it, learning from it, growing from it, and experiencing everything that LOVE has to offer. Any of us who has been fortunate enough to find and express the kind of loving devotion that you are celebrating, knows that it is an awesome and beautiful blessing.

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The desert is a magical and majestic land, which when explored offers individuals a limitless bounty of pure peace and perfection. The desert will open your heart and cleanse your soul and leave you forever wanting more.  It is a perfect place to say " I Do "

Your wedding vows will be the foundation to build your relationship and marriage upon and are sacred to you as a couple. Speak your vows from your heart, say what you want to say to your partner and your vows will be remember and cherished for all the days to come.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to explore the endless possibilities that The Vow Keeper can incorporate into your heartfelt wedding ceremony.

The Vow Keeper is a

non-denominational ordained minister and wedding officiant for all couples, offering hundreds of custom designed wedding ceremonies to select from.


Traditional, religious, Native American, secular, contemporary, crystal and earth based ceremonies. The Vow Keeper is honored to personally compose your wedding vows to best represent and reflect you as a couple, making your wedding memories a treasure, to forever cherish.

The Vow Keeper Has Been Joining Couples

In Marriage For Over Thirty-Five Years.

The Vow Keeper also offers

Artistic Professional

Wedding Photography.

Photographs are a time capsule telling our life’s story….they capture special events in our life’s journey where no words are required to express your unconditional love…your emotion

and passion...your goodness and beauty...

your courage and strength...and complete peace.

The Vow Keeper is extremely creative and we strive to perfectly capture your moment in time, your thrill and excitement of you and your day….to be treasured and shared with family and friends for generations to come.

Allowing you to look back into your past and remember where you came from and your journey upon this earth.

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Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand ceremony, your event will be an unforgettable celebration. It would be an Honor to Officiate your Ceremony and a Privileged to Provide you with Personalized Quality Service.

I would like to hear from you as soon as you say

" Yes I Will Marry You !!! "

so I have time to get every detail right. 

Let's get started on your second proposal !!!

Submit your request online by filling out,

The Vow Keeper's simple form.

Contact us directly at (760) 399-6789 or

email us at

Remember, this is your moment, Say it your way,

Create memories that will last long after you say, "I Do"......

Warmest Wedding Wishes,


The Vow Keeper

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Joshua Tree National Park Map

Approved Permitted Wedding And Elopement Locations

Joshua Tree National Park Map

Campgrounds, Hikes, Trailheads And Points Of Interest

Additional Services Provided By The Vow Keeper

Wedding Officiant | Wedding Photographer

Full Service Wedding Planner | Wedding And Event Design

Day Of Wedding Coordinator | Elopements

Wedding Vow Renewal | Native American Wedding

Same-Sex LGBTQIA Elopement And Wedding |

Commitment Ceremony


Life Style Photographer | Wedding | Engagement | Proposal

Maternity | Newborn | Family And Pet Portraits


House Blessings| Baby Blessings | Celebrations Of life


San Bernardino County | Riverside County | Inland Empire

Southern California

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