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Wedding Information

What We Do

You know you need an Officiant to perform your ceremony, but I do more than just Officiate.....I help coordinate your ceremony and Plan your wedding details.  Planning a wedding is a full-time job and couples need the help and support of a professional.

This is the reason The Vow Keeper is here for you.  I will help you plan the most important part of your event.....The Ceremony.  I can help you..... Create memories that will last long after you say
"I Do".

The Vow Keeper has over

100 ceremonies to select from.

Together we will create a meaningful ceremony that best

represents and reflects you

as a couple.

  • Your ceremony can be whatever you image it to be.....there are          no rules
  • The Vow Keeper offers over one hundred custom designed              wedding ceremonies, traditional, religious, Native American,            non-religious and contemporary 
  • I am always available via phone, text or email for unlimited             ceremony planning help and to answer all your questions, I am         available 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • All planning can be done via email or phone             
  • I will provide you with a diverse selection of services and                over 100 ceremonies, wedding vows, & planning materials
  • Create a customized ceremony to reflect both your faith and             personalities
  • I can provide a list of traditional readings, vows to read to each         other, prayers, blessings, benedictions and scripture that may           help you compose your own heartfelt vows, and select creative         elements making your ceremony completely unique and all             your own, creating a ceremony that best reflects you as a                 couple
  • Assist individuals in scripture readings or singing their special         wedding song
  • Children, family, and friends can have incorporated rolls in             your ceremony

  •    And don't forget to add
your special family pet 
into your ceremony     

  • Help you with ideas to                 remember loved ones
  • Select the perfect ceremony         music
  • Orchestrate the                             processional, recessional            and placing formats, and             timing as needed
  • Answer all your ceremony           etiquette questions
    • Help you with ideas to remember loved ones
    • Select the perfect ceremony music
    • Orchestrate the processional, recessional and placing formats,           and timing as needed
    • Answer all your ceremony etiquette questions
    •  My attendance and leading of your rehearsal on location for an        additional fee
    • Professionally perform a fun and romantic ceremony
    • The signing and filing of your California Marriage                           License with the County Recorder's Office immediately after           the ceremony
    • You will receive a final draft of your ceremony approximately         two weeks prior to your ceremony for your final approval
    •  My travel to your ceremony site
    • I will arrive thirty minutes prior to your        ceremony to coordinate any last minute       details 
    • I will be in appropriate attire for your            celebration, a suit, a minister's                     vestment or special attire with prior              arrangements

                 All this, and perform your
                        special ceremony
                     the way you want it.....
    any place you want it.
    Let's Get Started 

    • Complete The Vow Keeper's Information Form
    • Or you may Contact The Vow Keeper directly via phone,                 text or email
    • I will contact you to introduce myself and to go over the                  details of your event and answer all your questions

    To Book Your Event

    Contact the Vow Keeper at (760) 399-6789 call or text or email The Vow Keeper at [email protected] to confirm availability

    Once your event date has been confirmed, The Vow Keeper will email your 24 Hour Booking Confirmation. Due to the volume of calls that The Vow Keeper receives, you will have 24 Hours to confirm your booking, make your payment and fill out the required information form. 

    We accept all major credit and debit cards thru our verified and secured payment center.

    All deposits and payments are non-refundable, but are transferable to an alternate date, subject to availability. Balances due are to be paid in full no later than 30 days from the date of your event.

    Required Deposits And Payments

    Elopements And Wedding Officiant Fees

    Officiant fees are to be paid in full at the time of booking

    Photography Services Only

    $500. Minimum deposit or 50% deposit whichever is greater, balance due 30 days from your event date

    Wedding Planning And Event Coordination

    50% deposit at booking, balance due 30 days from your event date

    Combined Services

    $500. Minimum deposit or 50% deposit whichever is greater, balance due 30 days from your event date

    • I will discuss with you and determine what is important to you to include in your ceremony,  and which creative ceremony ideas and additions you would like to include in your  ceremony

    • I will provide you with a selection of vows to  select from, or maybe you would like to  compose your own heartfelt vows

    • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask......No question is too big or too small....

    • You will need to obtain a California Marriage License, I                  recommend obtaining your license Thirty days prior to your            wedding date.  You will need to give me your license on the day     of  the wedding, I must have this to Officiate your ceremony.

    Can't Wait To
    Marry Your Sweetheart
    I am available 24/7 to perform your
    Ceremony by Appointment
    If you want to get MARRIED TODAY....
    I Can Help, Just Contact The Vow Keeper to Make
    An Appointment, and I Will Pronounce You
    Partners In Life !!!!

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